The world is under siege by an alien armada. – Fight the aliens back and destroy the master alien ship. To get there you must close the 5 Gates.
We know you have saved the world a lot of times, that is why we need you as a pilot to do it again. – Join now!

Pterodalien is the next Shoot ‚em Up which takes another step forward in the evolution of the shmup-genre. As the story is made for players who act up to the principle „first shoot – ask questions later“ the sophisticated gameplay-cycle gives the succesfull player the opportunity to stand out from the other players to get all the 48 achievements.

Now as the mission is clear the player will be equiped with high-tech space ship that can be upgarded. The palyer is able to earn upgarde points (attributes) after a Level-UP in the experience-system. The player can choose between different upgrades: main-gun, lasergun, homing-missle, Rocket, Speed, Health. – But decisions should be chosen wisely because some upgrades have a trade-off… So for example a homing-missile makes an easy hit but only a hit with the main-gun brings aditionally XP for you next Level-Up. 

In the tradition of Shmups, Pterodalien has it’s own combo-system: with each alien ship you shoot you will get a card from the type of alienship you have shot, you can get an XP-Bonus for 3-of-a-type 4-of-a-type and 5-of-a-type, also another XP-Bonus for a 3+2 combo. But it is not that easy, the player starts with the chance for a 3-of-type, once this is reached the chance counter raises to 4. Then the player is able to reach a 4-of-a-type and so on. In case the player is not succesfull the counter is reset to 3. – So the succesfull player wil first aim and then shoot.

After making achievements the player will get aditionally rank-points with reaching certain amounts the player will be promoted and reach a higher rank.

Pterodalien comes with 11 stunning sci-fi levels each of them has boss-fights

Many Alien Bosses have a character and are giving comments during the bossfigt

The game has a lot of different types of enemy spacecrafts and turrets to shoot